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You can try out the RSB Racing Information for free. There are two ways:

Either ...

Download the free RSB Print Package onto your PC, and use it to view the two examples of downloadable files:

... or ...

Display the acceptances & nominations race fields directly on your screen. Choose the Fields item from the menu bar on the RSB front page.


You can use the RSB Print Package to view racing information files that you download from this Web site. It is a Windows package with a user friendly interface that allows you to print your downloaded racing information files with a Laser or Ink Jet printer.

The RSB Print Package has the following system requirements:

IBM PC or compatible (Pentium or better)
Windows 98 or greater
Laser or Ink Jet printer
56K modem or cable connection
Min. 20MB Hard disk space

Here's what to do:

1) Double Click the My Computer icon on the Desktop
2) Double Click C Drive (C:)
3) Click File menu, Select New, Folder
4) Change the name of the folder to RSB
5) Click here to download the New RSB Print Package (32-bit version)
6) In the Save in: field Click once
7) Select C Drive (C:)
8) In the window below Double Click the RSB Folder
9) Click Save
10) Once the file is downloaded Click the Start Button
11) Select Run
12) Type the following c:\rsb\ppnew.exe
13) Click OK
14) This will start the installation of the New RSB Print Package , click Yes to all options (there is no need to change any destination folders)

If you are an existing user, your installation is complete.
You will have an RSBPackages icon under Start, Programs.
If you are a new user, you will need to download and install the fonts for the New RSB Print Package

15) Click here to Download the fonts
16) In the Save in: field Click once
17) Select C Drive (C:)
18) In the window below Double Click the RSB Folder
19) Click Save
20) Once the file is downloaded Click the Start Button
21) Select Run
22) Type the following c:\rsb\fonts.exe (A black screen will appear - expanding fonts)
23) Click the Start button
24) Select Settings
25) Select Control Panel
26) Double Click on the Fonts Folder
27) Click File, Install New Fonts
28) Bottom Left of that screen is a smaller Folder: window
29) Double Click C:\
30) Scroll down to find the RSB folder
31) The fonts will be listed above, Click Select All
32) Then click OK
33) Close the Font window

Note: All downloads from the RSB web site must be saved in the C:\RSB\ folder (very important.)

Any problems, please call RISA on 03 9258 4711 or send an Email to : helpdesk@risa.com.au

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